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In the fifth round of Serie A, Inter Milan defeated Genoa 2-0 in an away game, not conceding a goal for the first time in the season. Lost 8 goals in the first 4 rounds of the league and 10 goals in the 5 games of the Champions League are the worst defense since the 2011/12 season, and it has finally improved. I also blame the opponent for being too weak, only one shot in the audience (Inter Milan 14 times) played with the bus. In the past two years, Inter Milan has won 5 league matches with Genoa, winning and losing 18-0. Genoa, nicknamed "Gryphon", is a good opponent to send warmth to Inter Milan's defense. Genoa did not score for 3 consecutive rounds. The last time it was so bad was in Prandelli's coaching period in March 2019.


Inter Milan next Tuesday and Wednesday at 1:55 am Beijing time in the Champions League away from the miners. The latter overturned Real Madrid's leading group in the first round of upset and away. Inter Milan will have to win if they want to get the initiative to qualify. Fortunately, there is a psychological advantage to control the enemy. Last season, he won the Europa League semi-finals 5-0. Gazzetta dello Sport statistics: Inter Milan is the team that averaged the most touches in the opponent's penalty zone this season: 31 feet.

国际米兰下周二和周三北京时间凌晨1:55在欧洲冠军联赛中远离矿工。后者在第一轮不满和淘汰赛中击败了皇家马德里的领先者。如果国际米兰想要获得主动资格,他们将必须获胜。幸运的是,控制敌人有心理上的优势。上个赛季,他以5-0赢得了欧洲联赛半决赛。 Gazzetta dello Sport统计数据:国际米兰是本赛季在对手禁区得分最高的球队:31英尺。

Inter Milan changed the starting lineup again in this battle. Lanozia made his first appearance as a central defender and let DeVry take a break; Bastoni returned after turning overcast; Damian continued to start at the right back. In the second half, Ashraf played, Dammy Ann switched to the left back and was replaced by Kolarov. Kolarov played for the first time on the left instead of the full back; Pinamonti replaced Lautaro, making his debut in the season. Ashraf's "farce" came to an end. The test was negative for two consecutive days, and a lion picture "I'm back" was posted before the game. Inter Milan CEO Marotta criticized UEFA in a gentle tone: "In the future, I will inform UEFA after getting the information clear. Inter Milan's Serie A championship? Winning the championship will be a miracle!"

国际米兰在这场战斗中再次改变了首发阵容。 Lanozia首次出任中后卫,让DeVry休息一下。巴斯顿尼转阴后返回。达米安继续从右后卫开始。下半场,阿什拉夫(Ashraf)上场比赛,达米·安(Dammy Ann)切换到左后卫,被科拉罗夫(Kolarov)取代。科拉罗夫第一次在左边而不是后卫打球。皮纳蒙特(Pinamonti)取代劳塔罗(Lautaro),在本赛季首次亮相。阿什拉夫的“闹剧”告一段落。测试连续两天为阴性,比赛前张贴了狮子头像“我回来了”。国际米兰首席执行官马洛塔(Marotta)温柔地批评了欧足联:“将来,我会在明确信息后通知欧足联。国际米兰的意甲联赛冠军?夺冠将是一个奇迹!”

Conte continues to rotate in the center of the midfield. Six main games this season, the trio in the midfield is different each game, this time it is Vidal Brozovic-Eriksson. The Danish has a rare start for two consecutive games, which is very mediocre. Inter Milan Info.com commented: "In this battle, Barrera played the role of Eriksson, and Barrera is the indispensable person." The Italian did let Inter Milan play The situation improved, the first assist was sent, and the scalpel with the classic front waist color passed diagonally. The second goal was an aerial relay between the two defenders after a corner kick. Nainggolan is also back after turning overcast, the Champions League is expected to start, Inter Milan now has Skriniar and Radu are positive, Professor Young can also play in the Champions League, the lineup is the biggest benefit.


Lukaku scored again, hitting 4 goals in 3 games within a week. The Inter Milan official said well: "We have Lukaku at home, and we can't stop the goal." He scored twice in both matches against Genoa last season. , Genoa is the No. 1 bullseye in Serie A and the Premier League, and cannot be rotated. Coach Moncheng summarized Inter Milan's tactics: "90% of the balls are given to Lukaku", a bit sour but basically accurate.

卢卡库(Lukaku)再次得分,一周之内在3场比赛中打进4球。国际米兰官员说得好:“我们在家有卢卡库,我们无法停止目标。”上赛季他在对热那亚的两场比赛中均得分两次。 ,热那亚是意甲和英超联赛的第一大靶心,无法轮换。门兴教练总结了国际米兰的战术:“ 90%的球都交给了卢卡库”,虽然有点酸,但基本上是准确的。

Conte said, “I enjoy working at Inter Milan very much and I am very happy. Everyone at Inter and those who know Inter around say that the current Inter Milan is much more stable than before. The current progress is as I expected, which is what I want. You must know how to wait. Football has a cycle. Before Liverpool became the super tank at the moment, it took three or four years to win the championship. "Can Inter have waited so long since Liverpool?

孔戴说:“我非常喜欢在国际米兰工作,我感到非常高兴。国际米兰的每个人和认识国际米兰的人都说,目前的国际米兰比以前稳定得多。当前的进展符合我的预期,这正是我想要的。您必须知道如何等待。足球有周期。在利物浦此刻成为超级坦克之前,花了三到四年的时间才赢得冠军。 “自从利物浦以来,国际米兰可以等待这么长时间吗?

Conte talked about Eriksson: "Your reporter regards him as Inter Milan’s daily question, which has become a systemic problem. Since he first came, he has been talking about him every day instead of talking about other people on the bench. This makes me very Uncomfortable. He is an Inter player. This is not a problem, but a headache for opponents. If he is worthy of playing, he will play, otherwise he will not play. It is very simple. Always discuss what is wrong with him. This is true for the Inter Milan team and the coach of me.




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