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篮球投注软件|世界AI围棋大赛第2日战罢 里拉零等五队领跑

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   On the second day of the "Fujian Strait Bank Cup" 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Go Tournament, rounds 3-5 were held. From 9:30 to 23:00, it was the most difficult day. After yesterday’s test, most of the teams have gradually adapted to the time-consuming and posting rules, and understood that this is actually the 6.5 target version of the Chinese Digital Rules, which is equivalent to the Japanese and Korean rules most of the time. The competition is getting better and better. In the third round, the strengths and weaknesses were relatively clear, and the popular teams won one after another. The defending champion star array, who had the highest voice before the game, also easily defeated the undefeated Plucking.

在“福建海峡银行杯” 2020年世界人工智能围棋大赛的第二天,举行了3-5轮比赛。从9:30到23:00,这是最困难的一天。经过昨天的测试,大多数团队已经逐渐适应了耗时和发布规则,并且了解到这实际上是6.5目标版本的中国数字规则,在大多数情况下等同于日本和韩国规则。竞争越来越好。在第三轮中,优势和劣势相对明显,受欢迎的球队接连获胜。在比赛前声音最高的卫冕冠军明星阵型也轻松击败了不败的Plucking。

   entered the strong dialogue mode in the fourth round, which gave birth to many wonderful games. The last runner-up, Xiao Ai, played against the popular American open source program KataGo. Both teams were highly vocal before the game. Previously, they were 1 win and 2 losses. Losing this round is almost equal to being eliminated early. The two sides were full of gunpowder as soon as they came up. The 37th and 38th hand-to-hand conversions were eye-popping. Afterwards, the "impulse" of 38 may be the cause of the overall passiveness. When the game progresses to a hundred moves, the white dragon with 27 pieces must support a black chess KataGo, which is almost worry-free and is at stake. At this time, Bai resorted to all his strengths to discard the upper left corner for a thrilling breakthrough, and instead ate the black mid-belly nine sons. The chess game accidentally entered the fine chess pattern. In the second half of the game, KataGo had an accurate understanding of the rules, firmly grasped the 7-point advantage of the game and passed accurately, Xiao Ai also stopped, the system judged black 184 points, black wins 0.25 points. This is the first time in the history of the Artificial Intelligence World Tournament that both programs can perfectly execute the number rule of black stickers 6.5.


   The defending champion star array held the white game this round, and was strongly blocked by the "AI Cup" "civilian" champion Transcendent Go. The robbery left in the upper right corner of the layout was like a time bomb that did not fire until the end. Affected by this constraint, White has not dared to exert any force in the mid-belly battle, and finally confessed to the big upset for the second time with 231 hands. Tsai Wei, who was defeated by the Stars in the last round, killed the Super Dragon in the second round, and Super Dragon stopped like an angry child until it was completely dead, which made people even call the AI ​​game result unpredictable.

卫冕冠军星阵本轮举行了白色比赛,并被“ AI杯”“平民”冠军Transcendent Go强力阻挡。布局右上角的抢劫行为就像一颗定时炸弹,直到最后一刻才开火。受这种限制的影响,怀特不敢在中腹部的战斗中施加任何力量,并最终以231手第二次承认自己大伤心。在上一轮被星星击败的蔡伟在第二轮中杀死了超级巨龙,超级巨龙像一个生气的孩子一样停下来,直到它完全死了,这甚至使人们称AI游戏的结果不可预测。

On the first stage, the only two winning teams, Yile held black against LeelaZero, were even more dramatic. Belgium LeelaZero took advantage most of the time and entered the winning position of Blackboard 6, but suddenly disconnected in the final closing stage. Some insiders said that LeelaZero itself could not recognize the 6.5 rule this time, and the disconnection was to replace the body to perform the key pass victory. Unexpectedly, I don't know why the avatar failed to log in within the remaining 3 minutes, but unfortunately the victory was overtime. More good people say that Yile may not be able to pass, and it is better not to change it if you know it.

在第一阶段,仅有的两支获胜球队,Yile对阵LeelaZero的比赛中表现更为出色。比利时LeelaZero在大多数时候都利用了优势,进入了Blackboard 6的获胜位置,但在最后的关闭阶段突然断开。一些内部人士表示,LeelaZero本身这次无法识别6.5规则,并且断开连接是为了替换身体来执行关键通行证胜利。出乎意料的是,我不知道为什么化身在剩下的3分钟之内无法登录,但是不幸的是胜利是超时的。越来越多的好人说,Yile可能无法通过,如果您知道的话,最好不要更改它。

   The most exciting game in this round was the veteran champion South Korean Pebble Whirlwind against Aiqi. The black Pebble Whirlwind played well and took the initiative. 219 moves took the initiative to plunge into a two-handed robbery that had many tribulations in favor of Black. Unexpectedly, Aiqi stubbornly endorsed the robbery while closing in, and the black side took advantage of the robbery. This robbery has been playing for 90 moves. The 309 black chess moves have a clear mind to eliminate the robbery, but they don’t want to sink into the giant dragon that surrounds the white death chess. The chess piece's life and death reversal is unreconciled, unwilling to lose over time.

本轮最激动人心的比赛是老将冠军韩国卵石旋风队对阵爱奇。黑色的Pebble Whirlwind表现出色,并取得了主动。 219举动主动地陷入了两次篮球投注软件劫案,抢劫多是对布莱克有利。出乎意料的是,爱奇在入场时强地支持了抢劫案,而黑面则利用了抢劫案。抢劫行动已经进行了90次。 309种黑色国际象棋棋子的思路很明确,可以消除抢劫,但他们不想沉入白色死亡象棋周围的巨龙中。棋子的生死反转是不可调和的,不愿意随时间流逝。

   In the fifth round, the only clear winner Yile Zhibai was suppressed by Tengu. In the end, the 8th son of Yile's bottom left was eaten, and the 35th son of the middle belly was still robbed by the big dragon. The big dark horse Caiwei, who had only lost to the star formation before, played finely in the fine chess situation, constantly widening the gap and easily defeating Aiqi.

在第五轮中,唯一的赢家Yile Zhibai被Tengu压制。最后,耶鲁左下角的第8个儿子被吃掉了,中腹部的第35个儿子仍然被大龙抢走了。之前只输过恒星阵型的大黑马才威在国际象棋良好的情况下表现出色,不断扩大差距并轻松击败爱奇。

   In the first five rounds, Black wins 24 rounds and White wins 26 rounds. The teams stated that the 6.5 posting made it possible for Black to completely let go of the psychological burden of the big posting. As programmers have a deeper understanding of the rules of timely virtual hands, I believe that there will be no more humorous scenes of taking turns to push the opponent to the opponent in the final stage.


After five rounds, there is no winning team. The five teams of Tengu, Caiwei, Yile, Chaoran, and LeelaZero, all of which have 4 wins, are tied for the top spot. The fate of the three wins of the five teams of Star Formation, Stone Tornado, KataGo, Aiqi and Yinzhi is still in their own hands. Hands. Both Yi Xiaotian and Shou Tan, who had a complete victory yesterday, suffered a three-game losing streak today. If they want to qualify, they must have a complete victory tomorrow to qualify for a small score. The chances are a bit slim. The last runner-up and insisting on independent research and development for many years, holding the national key funding of South Korea's Xiao Ai only won 1 win and 4 losses, and was eliminated prematurely. It also confirms the technological progress of artificial intelligence Go in the past year, which is likely to far exceed most chess games. Friends' imagination.


  The sixth round matchup is as follows:


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