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In front of and behind the scenes, cross talk actors are not just on stage.


Yan Hexiang slowly stepped onto the stage of the Deyun Society, waking up and patted, and said: "Speaking of Jiazi 60 years, the year is Gengzi, and it is the Deyun Society, who has worked hard for 25 years, and once faced the door. It is finally accomplished."


You thought you were on the wrong set, but this is the beginning of the variety show "De Yun Dou Xiao She".


From Guo Degang and Yu Qian to Yue Yunpeng and Guo Qilin, it is not uncommon for Deyun Club actors to participate in variety shows, but Deyun Tian Group’s contracting for the entire season of variety shows, although unexpected, is reasonable, and even brought it to the audience. Many surprises.


Photo source: Deyun Douxiao Society

photo source: D厄运D欧晓society

"Deyun Douxiaoshe" is a reality show produced by Tencent Video's leading comedy label. In this season’s program, in order to compete for the status of the “New Brother of Deyun”, the young crosstalk actors of Deyun Club, under the leadership of Guo Degang and Yu Qian, challenge one task each period and create a new crosstalk around the task. Under the rigorous assessment of the audience's ratings and Guo Degang and Yu Qian, a showdown.


On Douban, the highest score of "De Yun Dou Xiao She" reached 8.3. This variety show directed by Yan Min was rated as happy and unconscious, continuing the fun and sense of life of cross talk. It can be said to be a rare "zero burden variety show" in the current market. To


The comedians who participated in "De Yun Dou Laugh Society" have their own popularity. Under the meticulous planning of the program group, this group of "brothers who speak, learn and sing" took over as "sister who rides the wind and waves", so that everyone can see the other side of the new generation of comedians.


The focus of "Deyun Dou Laughter Club" is not the cross talk, but the hope that through the perspective of a reality show, the performance, study and life of the cross talk actors of the De Yun society can be fully displayed.


The first half of each program uses reality shows to show the daily life of the actors in the audience. It has the rhythm and fun of "Extreme Challenge" and continues the high level of director Yan Min. Crosstalk actors are all masters of humor, and those professional performance skills training turn into gags between teachers and brothers in the game, which can be regarded as an extension of crosstalk performance in life.


Photo source: Deyun Douxiao Society

photo source: D厄运D欧晓society

After the game session, everyone's partner will be regrouped, and the individual, counterpart, or group performance will also be randomly selected. With this change and adjustment, the actors have left the old partners that have been running in for a long time, and adapted to each other with the new partners through one night, which tested the basic skills of the actors. But it can also bring surprises from time to time, allowing people to see fresh chemical reactions between different brothers and sisters.


The focus of the second half is on the creation and performance of cross talk. From the concept polishing of the actors to the warm-up before the stage, the show is presented. Although it is a "cute and happy" cross talk performance, in order to get a good ranking, every actor is waiting strictly. Sitting in the audience, Guo Degang and Yu Qian scored according to the performance of the program. As elders who watch the children grow up, they will not only comment on the level of artistic level, but also contact each actor's growth process and give targeted suggestions.


In addition to the live performance of the actors, the setting of the audience is also worthy of fun.


When there is no general audience, Guo Degang, Yu Qian, and Yue Yunpeng are sitting in the audience, reminiscent of the bleakness of "There are more people on stage than offstage" when Deyun Club first opened. Each group of actors appeared on the stage, looking forward to the audience full of pits, but seeing the master gently swinging the folding fan, the pressure suddenly increased, which is also a test of the psychological quality of each actor.


Photo source: Deyun Douxiao Society

photo source: D厄运D欧晓society

In the next few performances, the program group introduced unsmiling people in black as the audience, and scored according to the number of people in black who laughed and laughed in crosstalk performances. The scores were divided equally between the two actors.


There is an old saying of "three-point teasing and seven-point support", it is said that although there are few words of praise, it can still play a role in four or two. In the case of more opportunities for entertaining actors and more popularity, the program group gave the same recognition.


The entertainment of the reality show and the professionalism of the assessment give the overall balance of "De Yun Dou Laughter Club". It will not be too impetuous because of the game link, nor will it appear monotonous because of the focus on the comic dialogue itself.


In "De Yun Dou Laughter Club", a complete cross talk performance is not only about laughing and cursing.


As audiences, we often only see the performances on stage, and we often overlook the details before and after the stage. "De Yun Dou Laughter Club" amplifies these details, allowing the audience to see the full picture of the cross talk performance.

作为观众,我们常常只看到舞台上的表演,而我们常常忽略了舞台前后的细节。 “德运豆欢笑俱乐部”放大了这些细节,使观众可以看到相声表演的全貌。

On the night before the performance, each pair of partners must conceive their own program "what to make", which depends on whether the actor has a "spacious belly" and can handle different types of traditional jokes. On this basis, it also depends on the needs of the performance. Rearranged. The entire process of "sharpening" has rarely had an opportunity to show in the past. To




Before going on stage, the actors planned how to sway on stage according to their order of appearance. "Let’s line up for the third game, let’s say it steadily." "Let’s have a lot of time for the last one!" Before going on stage, many actors would ask the person who had just stepped down in front of them, "How are they?" Smile, decide your own rhythm of performance. The private communication between these actors makes the audience feel like they are in the background.

在上台之前,演员们根据他们的出现顺序来计划如何在舞台上摇摆。 “让我们排队参加第三场比赛,让我们稳步地说。” “上个礼拜有很多时间!”在上台之前,许多演员都会问刚刚在他们面前下台的那个人,“他们好吗?”微笑,决定自己的表演节奏。这些演员之间的私人交流使观众感到自己像在后台。

Luan Yunping and Meng Hetang are both quite experienced actors. They jumped and warmed up before going on stage, in order to "rush the blood and get excited", and they were energetic during the performance. Behind these small details is the emphasis on stage presentation. To


Whether the audience can laugh at the audience is one of the criteria for assessing the professional level of cross talk actors, and it is also the basis for scoring in the "De Yun Dou Laugh Club" competition system. In addition to the degree of humor in the "baggage" itself, the actor's ability to grasp "on-the-fly" in response to changes is also very important.


Photo source: Deyun Douxiao Society

photo source: D厄运D欧晓society

In order to amuse the people in black in the cold-faced judges, Zhu Yunfeng, the "biscuits", used his haircut to shake off his hair, while Luan Yunping, who had always been calm, "has nothing to do with him," and followed Meng Hetang to dance "Priceless Sister", which instantly ignited the audience.


For different audience groups, the preparation of actors will also be focused. Before the performance in Nanjing, Wang Jiulong and Qin Xiaoxian decided to add a few Nanjing dialects to the show to narrow the distance with the audience.


The crosstalk actors in our impression are always humorous, and seem to have "top talent, heroic courage, and a face with a thick wall", but they also have a nervous side.


In the third period, Wang Jiulong partnered with Master Guo Degang, and their hearts were extremely nervous. In order to relieve his nervousness, Yue Yunpeng proposed to accompany him for a while, let him adjust his mood, and then let him and Master continue to perform. This move did work, Wang Jiulong was very grateful for Yue Yunpeng's move, and his anxiety was indeed relieved. To


During the preparation process, you can also see the cross-correlation photos between the brothers. Luan Yunping was very attentive to Qin Xiaoxian, a junior, and explained in detail the difference between the performance of the assessment performance and the performance of the small theater, and gave him many suggestions.


Photo source: Deyun Douxiao Society

photo source: D厄运D欧晓society

Sitting in the audience, Guo Degang and Yu Qian commented on everyone's performance after each session. Those who are restrained because of tension, who are too excited because they are too excited, after some comments from them, let the audience begin to pay attention to the performance level of the actors, not only whether it is funny or not as a criterion.

在听众中,郭德刚和于谦在每一节课后对大家的表演发表了评论。那些因为紧张而被束缚的人,因为太激动而太兴奋的人,经过他们的评论之后,让观众开始关注演员的表演水平,不仅以滑稽或不幽默为准则。 。

"You should use people to hold your life, not let the cross talk take you."


A sentence from Guo Degang speaks of the subtle relationship between actors and cross talk: good cross talk actors can be flexible, rather than being trapped by the formed cross talk works.


"De Yun Dou Laughter Club" uses the rhythm of a variety show to string together the front and back of the cross talk performance, giving the audience a more understanding of the dimensions of cross talk actors.


The formation of cross talk art is inseparable from the nourishment of many forms of folk art. Since the birth of cross talk, performers generally come into contact with other quyi categories on the premise of practicing their own basic skills, and are classified as "learning" in the four homework, which is also shown in "De Yun Dou Laugh Society".


The third issue of the show staged the "Dispute Drama" of Guo Yu's two major clubs. After a fight between the apprentices, Master Guo Degang faced the dilapidated theater and performed a section of Northeast drum "Remembering the True Concubine" alone, a bleak song. The sound and the variety show complement each other, and let people see a different dramatic tension.

节目的第三期上演了郭宇两大俱乐部的“争端戏”。在学徒之间的争斗之后,郭德纲大师面对残破的剧院,独自演奏了一段东北鼓“ Remembering the True Concubine”,这是一首凄凉的歌。声音和综艺节目相得益彰,让人看到一种不同的戏剧张力。

Photo source: Deyun Douxiao Society

photo source: D厄运D欧晓society

Many excellent comedians have the basic skills of performing storytelling. Guo Degang's stand-up comedian is also inextricably linked to storytelling. At the beginning and the end of "Deyun Douxiaoshe", Yan Hexiang connected stories through storytelling, which can not only "connect the book from above", but also leave a "button" for the next program. Compared with other variety shows' "last review", the use of storytelling elements makes the program more integrated.


In the competition session, the program team set up the bridge section of the foreign film, reminiscent of the Beijing Tianqiao in the Republic of China, when crosstalk artists and foreign film performers were lying on the streets. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, those plain chants reverberated in the cross talk work called "La Yang Films", and were talked about by generations of cross talk artists.

在比赛环节中,节目团队在外国电影的桥梁部分,让人联想到中华民国的北京天桥,当时相声艺术家和外国电影演员躺在街上。中华人民共和国成立后,那些朴素的歌声在名为“ La Yang Films”的相声作品中得到了回响,并被一代又一代的相声艺术家所谈论。

The basic skills of cross talk, which are often mentioned by actors on stage, are combined with games in the show. In the third issue of "De Yun Dou Laugh Society", subjects such as Baishasazi, Liuhuo, Guankou, and Taiping lyrics were set up. Yue Yunpeng became an instructor to explain and popularize the basic skills of traditional cross talk.


Some important cross talk jargon has also been incorporated into reality shows. In the first phase of "Guess Liangzi, Choose House", several groups of actors guessed the cross talk "Liangzi" represented by them according to the different decorations in the house, which is the summary of the story, and used it in the performance of the next day. This way of presentation shortens the distance between the audience and the traditional jargon. The process of the actors guessing Liangzi is like performing a large-scale comedian, which also adds to the fun of the show.


Photo source: Deyun Douxiao Society

photo source: D厄运D欧晓society

These positive attempts are a microcosm of the continuous development of the crosstalk industry.


As a traditional street music art, cross talk comes from the folk and has strong vitality. In today's increasingly diversified form of entertainment, if the traditional cross talk wants to maintain its irreplaceable status, it must first ensure the basic skills and content quality, and combine the current fashionable new forms to integrate and innovate, so that this art is not so far from life. distant.


"De Yun Dou Laugh Club" provides a good sample, an excellent practice of combining cross talk and reality show.

“ De Yun Dou Laugh Club”提供了一个很好的示例,是将相声和真人秀相结合的绝佳实践。



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