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【篮球投注软件有哪些】肯宁|泪光中映出未来 打造属于自己的场上标志

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   Among the ten singles contestants of the 2019 Shenzhen WTA year-end finals, six of them participated in this year's French Open competition, and Kenning was the one who performed the best and went the farthest. Although she regrettably passed the championship in the final, she still has reasons to be proud of her incredible performance in Roland Garros and even the entire 2020 season.




Because of this year’s special circumstances, only three of the four Grand Slam events were held. The champions belonged to three different players. As the Australian Open champion and French Open runner-up, Kenning became the only two Grand Slam finals. Player, and the only player who has reached the semi-finals of the Grand Slam twice!


From this point of view, Kenning is already the best player in the WTA this year in the Grand Slam, not to mention that the two Grand Slam finals also came from two venues, hard and clay. What she showed The comprehensive combat capability on various venues is second to none in the new generation of women's tennis.


   Even at the U.S. Open, where the results were slightly less than ideal, Kenning also reached the final 16 and refreshed his best record in this game. In this way, in the three grand slams held this season, Kenning has created a personal best, and can have a breakthrough performance in all the grand slams in a season. This has been the case in women’s tennis in recent years. It is extremely rare. If you want to choose the best player in the 2020 Grand Slam, Ken would rather be well-deserved.




In fact, before this French Open, Kenning was not the most promising one, and even after losing two 0-6 goals in the warm-up match at Rome, she was once marked as the “most likely to be upset early. Seeds" ranks. However, when she appeared in an orange checkered tennis skirt that contrasted with the clay court, she seemed to have brought the long-lost tropical atmosphere to the cold Roland Garros. Just as Paris needs sunshine most in October, what the French Open this year most needs is Kenning's vitality and persistence.


So we can see that from the beginning of the cold and low-key, Kenning has gradually stepped into the spotlight and has become an increasingly eye-catching championship favorite. Her superb ball, active and quick running and smooth and free flow The bottom line of this year coincides with the wet clay court of the French Open this year. With the smart back figure in the orange and white jersey, it adds a touch of joy and elegance to the unruly and casual Roland Garros in the past.

因此,我们可以看出,从冷淡低调开始,肯宁就已逐渐成为人们关注的焦点,并成为越来越引人注目的锦标赛冠军。她精湛的球,活跃,快速的奔跑以及流畅和自由的动作今年的底线恰好与今年法国公开赛的湿土球场相吻合。身穿橙色和白色运动衫的时尚后背身材,为过去篮球投注软件有哪些不羁随意的Roland Garros增添了一丝欢乐与优雅。

   In this way, this 21-year-old girl with a small body once again burst out with amazing energy, surpassing obstacles and reaching the finals, once again making the whole world amazed. On the clay court considered the worst in the past, Kenning was only one step away from becoming the last conqueror. Born in icy Moscow, growing up in enthusiastic Florida, and becoming popular in vibrant Melbourne, but it is the charming Roland Garros, so where will Kenning's next life turning point appear? What?

这样,这个身材矮小的21岁女孩再次爆发出惊人篮球投注软件有哪些的能量,超越了障碍,闯入了决赛,再次令全世界震惊。在过去被认为最糟糕的红土球场上,肯宁距离成为最后一个征服者仅一步之遥。生于冰冷的莫斯科,在热情的佛罗里达州长大,并在充满活力的墨尔本流行,但它是迷人的罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros),那么肯宁的下一个人生转折点会出现在哪里?什么?



   After losing in the French Open final, when he saw the champion celebrating his victory on the court, tears appeared in the eyes of Kenning sitting on the sidelines. There were both loss and unwillingness in this tear. In fact, in the eyes of outsiders, perhaps Kenning doesn't have to be like that, because the runner-up's results have been amazing, not to mention that she is still the best female player in all majors this year. Looking back on the performance of the entire 2020 season, for Kenning, who could only come off the bench in the Finals last year, it was already a rare improvement.


   But this is Kenning, she who has great faith in that small body, and who keeps moving forward quietly for dreams. "I wish I could win this game, but I am very happy to be at this stage," Kenning said after the French Open final: "Of course, I was a little disappointed not to win the championship, but overall, I It will still draw positive factors from it." Yes, this is the mind and attitude that a true Grand Slam champion should have.


   The good results in the French Open this time allowed Kenning to get rid of the inherent impression of only playing hard courts and truly grow into an all-around player. She also knows that only by breaking through tradition can she be more competitive. The performance of reaching the finals at the French Open gives Kenning more possibilities in the future, and he also has an advantage in the competition with his peers. I believe that after this French Open, "never admit defeat and develop in an all-round way" will become Kenning's most significant "on-court mark".


   And the strong and stubborn figure in the orange checkered jersey has also become the warmest memory of Roland Garros in the cold this year. So at this moment, we finally understood the tears that kept flashing in her eyes, because in that tear, we saw a Kenning who would never admit defeat, and also saw a better tomorrow.

橙色格纹球衣中坚强而顽固的身材也成为了今年寒冷天气中对罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)的最温暖的回忆。因此,在这一刻,我们终于理解了一直在她眼中闪烁的眼泪,因为在那眼泪中,我们看到了肯宁,他永远不会失败,也看到了美好的明天。

   (Shenzhen Finals Official)


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