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First of all, please relax! Since according to the news given by the Portuguese Football Association, Ronaldo is an asymptomatic infected person and he is undoubtedly the "strongest human body", then I believe that Ronaldo, who has always been strong in fighting spirit and always high in fighting spirit, will definitely get rid of quickly The shadow of the new crown!


In addition, according to foreign media, other international players in the Portuguese national team are now testing negative and they have been training as usual under the leadership of coach Santos (fortunately, our army’s Jota is fine for the time being), the Portuguese team The UEFA Europa League group match with Sweden on the night of the 14th local time will also proceed as usual. In order to facilitate everyone to integrate the content, here is a rough timeline of Ronaldo's infection with the new crown virus. Cristiano Ronaldo flew back to Portugal from Italy in the early morning of October 5, and played two UEFA Europa League matches with Spain and France on October 8 and October 10. There were also some after the match A photo session with old friends (Ramos, Varane, Mbappe, and Kamawenga who exchanged Luo's original jerseys, it is best to go for a nucleic acid test).

此外,据国外媒体报道,葡萄牙国家队的其他国际球员现在正在测试阴性,他们一直在葡萄牙人桑托斯教练的带领下进行常规训练(幸运的是,我军的乔塔目前尚可)欧洲足球联盟杯联赛在当地时间14日晚与瑞典队的比赛也将照常进行。为了方便大家整合内容,以下是罗纳尔多感染新冠状病毒的大致时间表。克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)于10月5日凌晨从意大利飞回葡萄牙,并于10月8日和10月10日与西班牙和法国进行了两次欧洲联盟联赛比赛。赛后还有一些与老朋友的合影(拉莫斯,交换了Luo原始球衣的Varane,Mbappe和Kamawenga,最好进行核酸测试)。

The more troublesome thing is that the Portuguese team had a dinner party last night. With the president’s asymptomatic diagnosis, it is possible that the Portuguese team’s internationals will need to perform a few more nucleic acid reviews in the next few days to be considered safe.


The general background information is finished. Next, please allow me to share my personal views that I have always wanted to say. I previously posted an idea on station D (probably just a week ago). I expressed some views on being a KOP about the fact that 4 consecutive people in the Liverpool team were infected with the new crown after the start of the new season. Terrible, 2333). At that time, my conclusion was that I hope that the European League and the cup matches of other countries should be suspended directly. Otherwise, there is not much time left before the entire European Football League is suspended again. Due to the huge financial burden and pressure from club operations after the suspension last season, clubs in the five major leagues now have to continue gritting their teeth against the risk of a rebound from the European epidemic and continue to play the league. Although the top European clubs have a big business and they can survive for the time being (and even spend some money to buy them), the income of many small and medium-sized clubs has dropped sharply. The salary team can't keep running, it's not far away. Therefore, I can understand why the major leagues have been exposed to the new crown after the start of the season, but the national leagues still bite the bullet.


However, at this juncture, I personally have a lot of criticism about the continued progress of UEFA’s UEFA’s UEFA Nations League (UEFA) and friendly matches of various national teams. Take my home team Liverpool as an example. Let’s leave aside the situation of the new left-back aid Zimikas who was infected with the new crown earlier. From this time point, Thiago, Mane and Shaqiri (false positives) The trouble caused by the infection of these people is not only reflected in the loss of the team's strength due to their isolation. As we all know, as a team sport, in daily training and competitions, players are bound to have "close" contact with teammates, opponents, staff, referees, coaching staff, etc. Therefore, the sudden attack of these people also means that before they are detected, it is possible to spread the new coronavirus in the above process. In addition, the mental pressure of the players caused by the infection of their teammates may not exist.


In the face of such a situation, the safest way is actually to reduce the density of matches as much as possible, and eliminate unnecessary cups and friendly matches (especially the long-distance flying around European countries mentioned above) as much as possible. , To narrow the distance span of the team game to within the range of the country. This can avoid the possibility of cross-infection of the new crown virus (hypothesis) carried by the national team from the club teammates as far as possible, and at least slow the spread of the epidemic in the five major leagues. For the sake of keeping the five major leagues stuck, such an approach is definitely effective. Otherwise, after everyone goes to the national team, one pass will pass ten to ten (the worst case), and it will only speed up the early break of the five major leagues.

面对这种情况,最安全的方法实际上是尽可能降低火柴的密度,并消除不必要的杯子和友好的火柴(尤其是上述在欧洲国家周围的长距离飞行)。 ,以将团队游戏的距离范围缩小到国家/地区范围内。这可以尽可能避免国家队从俱乐部队友身上携带的新皇冠病毒(假说)被交叉感染的可能性,并且至少可以减缓该流行病在五个大联盟中的传播。为了保持五个大联盟的实力,这种方法篮球投注软件肯定是有效的。否则,每个人进入国家队后,一传就会通过十到十(最坏的情况),这只会加速五个大联盟的提早休息。

It's a pity that, as an ordinary fan, how could UEFA care about the concerns of people like me. I think everyone basically knows what happened after this. Before Cristiano Ronaldo was detected as an asymptomatic infected person, during this period of International Match Day, many national players who participated in the national team competition had indeed been infected with the new crown, which confirmed my uneasy premonition. And now, the diagnosis of Ronaldo, the top star of the golden football, should be a big question on whether the UEFA and national team friendly matches will continue to be held in the context of the epidemic (World Cup South America) The qualifiers are not listed here for the time being). For the sake of the health of the players and the proposition that the five major leagues this season can survive as long as possible, the next European national team’s competitions should really be called urgently (at least, Portugal and Sweden’s The UEFA Europa League group stage is really no longer comparable). Originally, the preparation period for this summer was short, and the competitions of the new season were crowded together. The physical condition of the players will not be better and they are more likely to be infected. It is still inserted into the UEFA Europa League matches, no matter from the perspective of epidemic prevention or the perspective of the long-term progress of this season, it is not a game worth continuing to risk.


Finally, I want to tell the new crown that your vision is really bad. It was stupid enough to provoke Ibrahimovic before, but now he is still in vain launching a "good! Very energetic!" suicide charge against the toughest and most reluctant man on the planet? Believe me, in front of Ronaldo, you may not really last long.


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