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Kenhide Kubo, who has been so impressive in La Liga, Li Gangren, who has been selected as a key training target by the rich, has grown into a "national idol", and Zheng Youying, who has accumulated rich experience at a young age, is in the Netherlands. Keito Nakamura and Yushi Sugawara who stood firm on their feet... While the national youth team’s illegal purchase of drunkenness continued to ferment, Japanese and Korean players of the same age as Tao Qianglong and He Longhai were actively delivering “positive energy”. "They are completing their full penetration of European leagues at all levels, and they have completed their "exit from Asia to Europe" in a surprising way.

西甲的表现令人印象深刻的久保贤秀,被富人选为主要训练目标的李刚仁已经成长为“民族偶像”,年轻时就积累了丰富经验的郑有英,在荷兰。站稳脚跟的中村惠人(Keito Nakamura)和Su原裕史(Yushi Sugawara)……尽管国家青年队非法购买醉酒的行为继续发酵,但与陶强龙和何龙海同龄的日本和韩国球员正在积极传递“正能量”。 “他们已经完成了所有级别欧洲联赛的全面渗透,并且以令人惊讶的方式完成了从亚洲到欧洲的退出。”

Before the offseason, FIFA officials had counted the 12 teams that performed the most surprises in 2019, and the U20 National Youth Team of South Korea was among them. The South Korean youth team participated in the World Youth Championship for the 15th time, and the best result was the semifinals in 1983. In the summer of 2019, the South Korean U20 National Youth Team, under the leadership of coach Zheng Zhengrong, defeated South Africa, Argentina, Japan, Senegal and Ecuador all the way, and entered the finals historically, eventually losing to Ukraine to be runner-up.


Li Gangren, a young player from Valencia, played amazingly and contributed 2 goals and 4 assists. He is the biggest hero of Tai Chi Tiger and won the Golden Globe Award. Beside this star player, there are also Kim Jong-min, who is known as the successor of Ki Seung-young, the defender Kim Hyun-woo, who has a strong scoring ability, and Wu Se-hoon, Choi Jun and Lee Jae-yi are also promising. Different from the older generation of Korean players with relatively single characteristics and styles, most of Zheng Zhengrong’s disciples come from the “Golden Age” project launched by the Korean Football Association in 2014. They maintain the traditional advantages of Korean football (physical strength and tenacity) at the same time. Technology and creativity have also made great progress, and South Korean fans have placed great hopes on them.

来自篮球投注软件瓦伦西亚的年轻球员李刚仁表现出色,贡献了2个进球和4个助攻。他是太极拳的最大英雄,并获得了金球奖。除了这位明星球员外,还有被称为Ki Seung-young继任人的Kim Jong-min,得分能力强的后卫Kim Hyun-woo,以及Wu Se-hoon,Choi Jun和Lee Jae -yi也很有希望。与具有相对单一特征和风格的老一代韩国球员不同,郑正荣的弟子大部分来自韩国足协在2014年发起的“黄金时代”项目。他们保持了韩国足球的传统优势(体力和坚韧性) ) 与此同时。技术和创造力也取得了长足进步,韩国粉丝对此寄予了厚望。

South Korean U20 players astounded the world, and Japanese elites of the same age were not far behind. They won the runner-up in the Toulon Cup and achieved the best result of the Asian team in this event. In the summer of 2019, Japan sent the "second team" to participate in the America's Cup. They convincingly drew with Uruguay and Ecuador, and their overall performance far exceeded expectations. Except for famous players such as Shoya Nakajima, Mt. Shibasaki and Shinji Okazaki, most of the players who left a deep impression were U20 players, including Miyoshi Yasuji, Kubo Kenhide, Fuan Kenhiro and Abe Yukui.

韩国U20选手震惊了世界,同龄的日本精英也紧随其后。他们在土伦杯上获得亚军,并在这项赛事中获得亚洲队的最佳成绩。在2019年夏天,日本派“二队”参加了美洲杯。他们令人信服地吸引了乌拉圭和厄瓜多尔,其总体表现远远超出了预期。除了中岛昭也,富士山等著名选手Shibasaki和Shinaz Okazaki,留下深刻印象的大多数球员是U20球员,包括Miyoshi Yasuji,Kubo Kenhide,Fuan Kenhiro和Ab​​e Yukui。

The development of the U20 age group occupies a very important position in a player's career. This is an important stage of transition from youth and echelon to adulthood and career. Although they have achieved impressive results in the World Series, these outstanding Japanese and Korean players have not yet fully developed their bodies and their skills have not been fully finalized. They also have great plasticity and development potential, and they urgently need to be accepted in high-level leagues. work out. In the games that have ended this season, Japanese and Korean post-00 players have begun to make their mark in the European League. The competitiveness of this group has made people look forward to the future of Asian football.


When defeating Ecuador to enter the U20 World Cup final, South Korea’s "golden generation" received overwhelming praise, but coach Zheng Zhengrong remained calm: "I only hope to see my players running on the court again in a short time." Limited by factors such as the market and historical traditions, it is difficult for Korean clubs to give young players enough performance opportunities. 15 of these historical players play in the K-League. Cao Yongxu, Kim Joo Sung, and Shang from Seoul FC Wu Se-hoon of State Sangmu and Lee Ji-sul of Daejeon citizens showed their ability to compete in the starting lineup. Most of the other players played in the second-tier leagues and had very limited training opportunities. Daegu FC’s Gao Jae-hyun, Ulsan Hyundai’s Choi Jun and others Still worrying about playing time.


Many Korean players will come to the echelon of European clubs as early as possible. Li Gangren, who came to Valencia's youth academy at the age of 10, is one of the outstanding representatives. According to the Valencia local media "Super Sports" broke the news, after Li Gangren won the U20 World Cup Golden Globe Award, many European giants including Juventus, Tottenham and Marseille intend to introduce this talented attacker. This season, Li Gangren made 11 appearances in the league (2 starts) and scored 1 goal, and 5 appearances in the Champions League (1 start). Valencia is currently in a turbulent period. The club dares to take risks to train new players. This is the gospel of Li Gangren.


Compared with the elite-style study abroad at the turn of the century, Japan and South Korea have now entered the era of "extensive study abroad". Their overseas players are never "picky eaters" when choosing European clubs. Players of all types can find their suits. Platform. From the five major leagues to the second and third-tier leagues such as Belgium and Poland, to the small clubs of the lower-level leagues such as Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, the dream-builders of Japan and South Korea have penetrated into various European countries and leagues at all levels.


On January 27, 2020, the Croatian league giants Dinamo Zagreb announced the official buyout of Kim Kyu Hyung and Kim Hyun Woo, who were leased from Ulsan Hyundai. The two youngsters born around the millennium will continue to join forces on the Adriatic beach. . Kim Kyu Hyung and Kim Hyun Woo have already played for the second team of Dinamo Zagreb. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the Croatian top league decided to cancel the remaining games of the season. The first team of the two players will have to wait until next season.

2020年1月27日,克罗地亚超级联赛巨人迪纳摩·萨格勒布宣布正式买断从蔚山现代租借的金圭亨和金贤佑。千禧年左右出生的两个年轻人将继续在亚得里亚海的海滩上合力。 。金圭亨和金贤佑已经为萨格勒布迪纳摩队效力。由于疫情的影响,克篮球投注软件罗地亚顶级联赛决定取消本赛季剩余的比赛。这两名球员的第一队将不得不等到下个赛季。

Li Gangren shined in the U20 World Cup, and Zheng Youying, who became famous earlier and has a higher platform, seemed a little starry. This season, Zheng Youying, who joined Freiburg on loan, did not meet the team's expectations. He played only 33 minutes in the German Cup and did not make an appearance in the Bundesliga. Freiburg executives believe that the 20-year-old Zheng Youying is too early to play in the Bundesliga, and the Korean teenager has not yet reached the Bundesliga requirements in terms of tactics. What Zheng Youying needs is enough chances to play, and Chiseong Kaoru, who is dormant in the Bundesliga echelon, also needs patience. This tall center from Incheon United is an ideal candidate to continue the "Korea plot" of Augsburg.

李刚仁在U20世界杯上大放异彩,而较早成名并拥有更高平台的郑有英似乎有点繁星点点。本赛季,借调加盟弗莱堡的郑有英没有达到车队的期望。他在德国杯中只踢了33分钟,没有在德甲出场。弗莱堡高管认为,现年20岁的郑有英在德甲踢球还为时过早,这位这位韩国少年还没有达到战术上的德甲要求。郑有英所需要的是足够的比赛机会,而在德甲联赛中处于休眠状态的Chiseong Kaoru也需要耐心。仁川联队的这个高大的中心是继续奥格斯堡“韩国剧情”的理想人选。

As a stepping stone on the magical journey of the U20 in South Korea, the U20 in Japan has a higher popularity before the World Cup. If it were not for Kubo Kenhide, Abe Hiroki and Osuke Keisuke to be "seconded" to participate in the America's Cup, they might be able to get better results. Of course, even without three core generals, Kageyama Masahiro still has many new stars under his command, including Jun Nishikawa, Keito Nakamura and Yushi Sugawara have strong strength.


After the U20 World Cup ended, Keito Nakamura and Yushi Sugawara landed in the Eredivisie at the same time, joining Twente and Alkmaar respectively. In the first round of the league, he scored the only goal of the team and helped Twente draw a 1-1 draw with the powerful Eindhoven. In the second round, he used a direct free kick to help the team beat Groningen 3-1. Kei Nakamura Dou made a fantastic start in the Eredivisie. Affected by the epidemic, the Dutch League has ended early this season. Keito Nakamura scored 6 goals in 18 games (14 starts), which is an excellent player for a post-00 player who has just arrived in Europe.

U20世界杯结束后,中村圭人(Keito Nakamura)和Su原裕史(Yushi Sugawara)同时降落在埃雷迪维西(Eredivisie),分别加盟特温特(Twente)和阿尔克马尔(Alkmaar)。在联赛的第一轮比赛中,他打进了球队唯一的进球,并帮助特温特与实力雄厚的埃因霍温队1-1战平。在第二轮中,他使用直接任意球帮助球队以3-1击败格罗宁根。中村圭圭(Kei Nakamura Dou)在Eredivisie比赛中取得了出色的开局。受疫情影响,荷兰联赛本赛季初已经结束。中村圭人(Keito Nakamura)在18场比赛(14场比赛)中攻入6球,对于刚来到欧洲的00后球员来说,这是一个出色的球员。

Starting from the second team, Yushi Sugawara gradually gained a foothold in the first team. He played 24 times in the league, 10 times in the Europa League qualifiers and the group stage, and scored 4 goals in the double line for a defender. It can be regarded as overfulfilling the task. In the process of adapting to the Eredivisie, Sugawara's position gradually expanded from a guard to the entire right wing, and even reached the right-wing position in individual games, showing a strong plasticity.


South Korean young players go abroad to get more training opportunities, and Japanese young players' overseas trips have a closer relationship with income. The Japanese Football Association has formulated a very special salary system, that is, relying on the "three types of contracts" to limit the income of players (especially young players), and change the direction of the players "push out." Kubo Jianying's annual salary in FC Tokyo is less than 400,000 yuan, and there is no advertising endorsement contract. After signing with Real Madrid, the annual salary of Japanese geniuses reached an astonishing 2 million euros.


In this era of information explosion and inflation, competing for young players has become more and more important. Really powerful players must try their best to win when they are just emerging, otherwise, what is waiting for buyers in the future will be surprising premiums and fierce competition in the industry. Buying young talents is no longer a venture capital, but a transaction with a good yield, because players can sell at a higher price even if they are unable to play strength or seek a transfer.


Jiu Jianying enjoys the "time", and as fortunate as Yukui Abe, Barcelona paid a huge seven-figure sum for him. In the past half of the season, Fu An Jianyang, a "pre-00 post" player, has rapidly grown into the absolute main force of Bologna's defense. Serie A powerhouses including Roma, Inter Milan and Lazio are interested in recruiting him. The team even offered a salary comparable to that of a first-tier star. The three Pathfinder role models are in front, Nishikawa Jun, Suzuki Ayano, Tagawa Kensuke and Saito Mitsuki and others seem to have plans to study abroad, and the rumors between them and the European team are no secret.

久见莹享受着“时间”,而安倍佑奎则很幸运,巴塞罗那为他付出了七位数的巨款。在本赛季的后半段,“ 00之前”的富安建阳迅速成长为博洛尼亚防守的绝对主力军。意甲劲旅包括罗马,国际米兰和拉齐奥都对招募他感兴趣。球队甚至提供了与一线明星相当的薪水。西川润,铃木y野,田川宪介和斋藤美月等三位探路者榜样位居榜首,其他人似乎都有出国留学的计划,他们与欧洲团队之间的谣言也不是秘密。

As the vanguard of challenging the old order of international football, Japan and South Korea have made rapid and steady Europeanization in recent years. The corps of the two countries have reached a new height in terms of scale and quality. At the next age, they will go abroad to lay the foundation, and their style after being promoted to the first team has been very European. The failure in the World Cup in Brazil a few years ago turned out to be an opportunity for Japanese and Korean football to start again. The reform of the youth training model between the two countries has yielded results in the past two years. The new generation of Japanese and Korean players are no longer satisfied with being the role players of European teams. They aspire to be the key figures leading the battle. The post-00 generations represented by Kubo Kenei, Abe Hiroki and Li Gangren are destined to become a wave. Different "back waves".


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